Okazaki Teruyuki


Okazaki Teruyuki

Okazaki Teruyuki was born on June, 22nd 1931 in the prefecture Fukuoka as the second son of a Samurai family.

He began with Karate training in 1947 at the Takushoku university, after it practiced during its childhood Judo and Kendo.  At the university he practiced Karate also very intensively beside that Aikido under O-Sensei Ueshiba.  Ueshiba called him "the most incapable pupil, whom he had ever seen" and so Okazaki gave up Aikido short time later and dedicated for Karate training.

At the Takushoku university Kendo, Judo, Karate and Aikido were practiced.  His parents rejected that Okazaki did Karate and wanted him to practice Kendo.  " Karate was new and my parents regarded it as road fight.  I was always a bad child - I loved it to fight.  They did not want that I would become worse."  Okazaki's grandmother convinced its parents that Karate would change his love to fight modify and teach him to be responsible for its deeds.  " My grandmother was 100 percent Samurai.  She was one of few humans who I know, who lived as Samurai.  She was a woman with very much spirit.  She knew that Karate would have a good influence on me... "

He graduated in 1953 and remained in Tokyo, in order to practice Karate.  He looked for work, which he neglected however for training.  But he had the luck to be employed as a coach at the university.  " I did everything.  I went everywhere.  I fought in other styles, in order to analyze, how they are related to Shotokan.  I did not care for nothing.  My attitude had changed since the Shodan check.  I wanted to do everything over to learn - there were no limits.  Everything which I wanted to do was to continue training and to listen to master Funakoshi and Nakayama.  And they tried everything at me!"

In 1955 Okazaki became coach in the JKA Dojo.  Although it was a badly paid job, Okazaki was finally happy to do what he had liked.

Later he was active in the JKA and in 1961 he was senthan Instructor of the JKA into the USA, where it established itself first in Philadelphia.

1962 it created the East Coast of carats Association, the member in the ALL America carats Federation of Nishiyama was.  After 1965 some its Dan carrier had left the Dojo, in order to follow Oshima, also Okazaki Nishiyamas Foerderation left, in order to create internationally the Shotokan of carats Federation.  This has today about 50,000 members and Okazaki is their Chiefinstructor.

Später wurde er in der JKA aktiv und 1961 als Instructor der JKA in die USA geschickt, wo er sich zuerst in Philadelphia niederließ.

1962 gründete er die East Coast Karate Association, die Mitglied in der All America Karate Federation von Nishiyama war.
Nachdem 1965 einige seiner Dan-Träger das Dojo verlassen hatten, um sich Oshima anzuschließen, verließ auch Okazaki Nishiyamas Förderation, um die International Shotokan Karate Federation zu gründen. Diese hat heute etwa 50.000 Mitglieder und Okazaki ist ihr Chiefinstructor.

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